Esther 3-4:9

The Appeal to Pride

In Chapter 3 we are introduced to Haman who is the son of an Agagite. Agag is the common name for Amalekite kings. The Amalekites were bitter enemies of Israel. When Israel was making their way through the wilderness the Amalekites would attack and kill those who were lagging behind because they were weary and worn out from the journey Deuteronomy 25:17&18 tells us. The Amalekites had no fear of God and represent Satan’s agenda.  When Saul went to war with the Amalekites he was instructed by Samuel not to take any captives or plunder. Saul however, did not obey the command of God and he was eventually killed by an Amalekite.  

Satan fell from his position in heaven because of pride we read in Isaiah14:12-21. (see also Ezekiel 28:2-10) Satan makes his appeal to the pride of mankind and is especially effective with leaders. When Jesus was tempted by Satan he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship Satan. Jesus refused but Haman was blinded by his pride and hatred for Mordecai, who would not bow down to Haman. As a result, Haman ended up making a plan to eliminate all of God’s people. Haman cast the lot in order to set a date when the Jews will be killed and then went to the king with his plan.

Haman offers the king money which could be used for the King’s planned invasion of Greece. Haman also tells the king that the Jews do not follow the king’s laws and since they are a people dispersed throughout the kingdom they could be a real threat if they revolted and therefore should be destroyed. The king is already dealing with the revolts of Egypt and Babylon so the king gives Haman his blessing and the plan is put in place.

In Proverbs 16:33 we read, “The lot is cast into the lap. But every decision is from the Lord.” NASB

The date set by the casting of the lot was nearly a year in the future. This is a necessary delay. During this time God will be working and setting His plan in place. We are often told in the Bible to wait on the Lord. During that time of waiting God is setting His plan in place and working in the lives of His people. Jesus said the Spirit of God is like the wind. We can’t see the wind but we can see things moved by the wind. As we continue reading this book we will see God working out His plan to deliver His people. Satan has a plan and is deceiving and tempting Haman and the king to accomplish his plan.  God also has a plan for His people and it is His plan that will be done.

To those lagging behind, who are weak or worn out, the deception of Satan may seem logical at first. It usually comes with a demand to act now.  The lesson we need to learn when we are faced with deception and temptation of the devil is to wait on the Lord and seek His will keeping God’s overall plan in mind.

Stay tuned!

Pastor Dave