Isaiah 11-14

The King Has Come

 Isaiah 14 speaks of the fall of Satan and the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and the ruler of the world!

In verse 7 Satan is seen from the world’s perspective as the king of Babylon. There are two Babylons mentioned in the book of Revelation. One is the worldly Babylon that offers endless prosperity and pleasure characterized by humanism, materialism, power, and pleasure.  Over this Babylon the antichrist will rule.

The other Babylon is the religious Babylon who will help bring into power the antichrist, called the false prophet..  Many believe that he will do so by setting up a “One World Religion”.  The spirit of the religious Babylon is behind all of the false religions today, so in a sense, we already have a one world religious mindset, even though they seem against each other.  He will, however, unify these false religions with the promise of prosperity and peace in order to establish the antichrist as the ruler of the world.  At that point the antichrist will turn and destroy the false prophet.  Materialism will destroy the false religious system but there will be a remnant that survives, true Christianity. 

During the last seven years of the world as we know it, called the Great Tribulation, the Jews will recognize Jesus Christ as the true Messiah.  When He comes the Jews will recognize Him as the coming Messiah and king and rally around Him as He makes His way to Jerusalem setting it up as the capital of the world. He will defeat the antichrist and the first Babylon. Satan will be captured and put in prison for a thousand years.

So, from the world’s perspective, Satan will be seen only as he influences these two leaders whom we call “Babylon”.  But when Christ comes Satan will be revealed as the one who established these kings and the world system(s) they espoused.  From Heaven’s point of view Satan is called the Morning Star. Vs. 12-21  The remnant of those who survive the Great Tribulation, and the Church that returned with Christ, the King of Kings, will take up the lament against Satan recorded in Isaiah 14:4-11. 

 When our Lord returns as King He will rule for 1000 years and we who are true believers will be with Him.  This is our hope, we have our Lord’s word on it recorded in verses 22-27.

So, in reality, there are only three kingdoms in the world today.  The materialist Babylon, the false religious Babylon,  or the Church with Jesus as Lord and Savior.  This begs the question, where do you stand?  Where do I stand?  The answer to that question is based on one thing, where, or in what, we have put our faith. 

Where, or in what, we have put our faith will not change what is going to happen.  It will only determine where we end up. The plan is in place and the future of the world will go as planned. We have the Lord’s word on that!  Verse 27, “For the Lord of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it? And as for His stretched-out hand who can turn it back?” NASB

 May God speak to our hearts today and show us the path in life we are on.

 Choose the right path to follow.

Pastor Dave