Psalms 132&133

The Song of the Ascents


These psalms are part of a series of psalms, beginning with Psalm 120 and ending with 134, that were sung by the people of Israel who were leaving home and making their way to Jerusalem to celebrate one of the Feasts.

 I love to study these psalms together and try to envision what the people encountered as they made their journey. I also use them to look back at where I was in my spiritual life as I began my journey with the Lord, and where I am now, to see how far I have come in my walk with Jesus.

 I want to encourage you to study these psalms as a group starting with Psalm 120. As you progress through each psalm ask the Lord to show you where you are in your walk with Him .

 If you need help in the study of these psalms we have three audio studies on these psalms on the website media page.

 My prayer is that God will bless you in your study and in your journey with Him.

Pastor Dave