Psalm 56

This Psalm is the first of 5 Psalms that are called a Michtam which means “an inscription on a stone slab”.  This Psalm was to be set to the music of a song titled, “The Silent Dove in Distant Lands”.  David, who wrote this Psalm, was living the title.  He was caught between two enemies;  His homeland where King Saul had used him in his battles against the Philistines, but turned against him and became David’s enemy. The other enemy was the Philistines whom he fought against with Saul.  Not only this, but as he was running, he made some poor and costly decisions that he could not fix. Boxed in, there was no longer any place to run except to God. If we are honest with ourselves I think we can relate.

This Psalm also prefigures the point in time when the antichrist will proclaim himself God and offer a sacrifice on the altar of the newly constructed temple. Jesus called this event the “Abomination of Desolation” spoken of  in the book of Daniel.  He said to the people of Israel that when they saw this they were to leave and leave quickly just as David had to flee when King Saul turned against him. Just like David the only place to flee will be to enemy territory in the wilderness.

 It is easy to drift in our faith in God.  I remember a time when God put me into a similar position.  I had done something wrong that was always before me. Though I did admit to doing it, there was nothing more I could do than what I had done to make it right.  I sought relief by gathering a few verses which I used to justify myself but still there was no relief.  It was like God had backed me into a corner and there was no way out, except through Him.  It was then that I really truly understood my need for a Savior and my need to take hold of the forgiveness and salvation that only my Lord Jesus could offer.  I will never forget that day.  It was the day when I really realized I could not save myself.  I needed a Savior.  There was no hope of peace within apart from Him. This is the place David found himself.  There was no longer anywhere to turn except to God and that is exactly what he does in this Psalm. 

In the middle of the Great Tribulation, Israel will find themselves in the same situation and, like David, they too will cast aside everything they have been trusting in and put their trust in the Lord Jesus.  Their world and our world will be totally different when we all realize that we are sinners who cannot save ourselves, but God is ready, willing, and able to redeem us and give us new life.

God loves us too much to let us drift.  If you have drifted in your relationship with Him and begun to trust in something else like worldly wisdom, rationalization, denial, or justifying yourself, expect to find yourself boxed in by God.  At first it can be scary, surrounded by enemies within and without and with no apparent way of escape, but there is a way out.  It is through Jesus.  Accept His forgiveness and make Him Lord of your life and you will never regret it.    Remember, “…if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” John 8:36 NKJV.

Our reading for today is 1 Samuel 22; Psalms 17, 56, &35.

 Grace and Peace