Isaiah 32-34

2 Kings 17

The prophesies we have been reading in the book of Isaiah began back in Chapter 7 when Isaiah went to King Ahaz and told him to ask God for a sign. Ahaz, King of Judah, was considered an evil king who did not follow the Lord. He would not ask for a sign but Isaiah gave him one anyway. The sign was the virgin birth and coming of our Lord Jesus. Following this Isaiah begins to prophesy of the Assyrian invasion. In these prophesies we read that Assyria would be a type of antichrist who attempts to rule the world during the Great Tribulation. At the end of the Great Tribulation the Lord will come and set up the millennial kingdom and this upside down world we live in will be set right side up. Isaiah keeps this up from Chapter 7 to Chapter 35. This is quite a sign and it demonstrates the length God will go to reach a king who is in rebellion against God. I call that mercy.

In our reading today we are told that there is only about one year left before Assyria attacks Samaria, the capital of Israel, and the nation is taken three years later. Twice in our reading today Isaiah calls for the nations to observe and learn from what is about to take place. (Isaiah 33:13 & Isaiah 34.)

The invasion of Assyria is a near fulfillment of the Prophesy. The near fulfillment of the prophesy tells us that the prophesy is true and we need to pay attention to the future fulfillment of this prophesy, the Great Tribulation. What has happened to the ten Tribes of Israel, and more importantly, why it happened, is of great importance to us today. We find out what happened and why in our reading in 2 Kings 17.God was merciful to the nation of Israel even though they did not have one godly king. He sent them prophet after prophet who warned of the coming judgment and destruction and called the people to repentance again and again. The people and the leaders refused to listen and finally time ran out.

I pray we reflect on what is recorded in 2 Kings 17 and examine ourselves to see if we are guilty of the same conduct. Remember these prophesies are yet to be fulfilled. In our reading beginning in 2 Kings 18 tomorrow we will see quite a contrast between Samaria and Jerusalem. Both will face the Assyrian threat but Assyria will not be able to get in Jerusalem. God saved Jerusalem but handed over Samaria to the Assyrians. God in His mercy has made these examples known to us so we can avoid what is about to take place in the future.

Consider these verses. Luke 21:36; Matthew 24:45-51

Be Wise! Be Ready!

Pastor Dave