Genesis 21:1-21

God Is For Us

 Ishmael was not the child God had promised to Abraham and Sarah.  Isaac was. Ishmael was really the child of unfaithfulness and impatience. Back in Chapter 16 Sarah thought she had a good idea in giving her servant to Abraham so they could have a child. Her servant Hagar did get pregnant and have a baby boy but since Hagar was Sarah’s servant the child would be considered Sarah’s. Problem solved right? No, Sarah made a simple plan that lacked due diligence and her plan turned into a complicated and difficult situation.  So now Hagar and Ishmael have to go and soon they are out of water and hope. In fact the only thing Hagar can think to hope for is to not see Ishmael die.

 Hagar is crying and apparently so is Ishmael but God is watching and listening and provides water for them. They are saved. There is an important lesson for us in these verses.

 We may not think we are worthy of God’s love and compassion. We may think we are not special and have nothing to offer. Maybe there are some of us that think God hates us for what we have done and that we could never be forgiven for what we have said or done, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

 Our chapter begins with the Lord taking note of Sarah. In the same chapter God hears the cries of Hagar and Ishmael and God saved them.  It is clear that God was for them and not against them. The same is true for us. God is for us and not against us, no matter what.

 Now given this example and that declaration, when we are feeling like God is distant, doesn’t care, or that we have failed Him big time, we need to remember to turn from those feelings and run to Him and not away from Him. God is waiting with open arms!

 For further study read Luke 15:11-32 and see what Jesus had to say about it.

 P.S. Don’t be like the older brother!

Pastor Dave