Ecclesiastes 3-5

A Time and A Plan

 As Solomon continues his search for fulfilment and peace in and with the things of this world he finds two things. First, he is starting to realize that there is an emptiness inside him that longs to be filled but is never satisfied with what he has done or is doing. The second thing he is starting to see is that God has a plan and has set principles in this world by which we must live. He gives us an overview of them in Chapter 3:1-9.

God has placed these principles in the world for man to discover and live by. In an earlier study I noted that there are 16 essential elements a plant needs to grow. If we make those elements available to the plant it will grow and thrive. This is the foundation of hydroponic plant production. But there are other principles we need to consider as well.  

In Isaiah 28:23-29, God makes it clear that there is a season to plant but also a season to harvest and how we harvest depends on what we are growing. We grow and sell produce every year. As I write this we are in the planting stage. I have tilled the land and I am in the process of planting the seeds. If I keep tilling the land all summer long I may not have any weeds but I will also not have any crop. Today I will plant some corn which will mature in 74 days or so. Next week I will plant another plot of corn that will mature in 79 days. Two weeks ago I planted some corn that will mature in 68 days. Of course this is my attempt to have a steady crop of corn to sell for a longer period of time. There is nothing I can do to change the maturity dates. I can only attempt to manage them in a way that meets my goal but in this I can see God’ plan. I can also depend on God’s plan.

 When I was a child there were companies that would send children seed packets that they could sell to their neighbors and be little entrepreneurs.  The companies would advertise this business opportunity in the comic books promising enough profit to buy a bike, and you can just see yourself riding that brand new bike in front of your friends.  Of course what this foolish child didn’t understand was that those seeds had to be paid for whether or not I was able to sell them. I also learned that vegetable seeds planted in late fall will not grow well which may be why they didn’t sell well. There is a time and season for everything and God is in control.

Proverbs says that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child. Proverbs 22:15

I saw the promise of the reward but didn’t realize what wisdom and work was needed to reach that goal. However, as an adult, I have become wiser and have learned that I can profit from the laws God has placed in this world.  I also realize that the profit may feed me and meet my physical needs but it will never satisfy the  longings within. Only God can do that. If I follow God’s plan He will bless me with a corn crop. That has a place in my life but if I am to thrive, and have peace within, God must be first place in my life.

 I encourage you to read Galatians 5:22&23 which lists the fruit of the Spirit of God. Isn’t this what we are really searching for? Isn’t the deep longing inside really searching and craving these things?

God wants to fill that emptiness within each of us. The richest, wisest man in the world, could not find that fulfillment in his search of the things this world has to offer. Fulfillment is only found in Christ Jesus. Give Him first place in your life and everything else will take its proper place as He puts your life in order. Matthew 6:33

Homework for today is Psalm 19

May God bless as you allow Him to guide you.

Pastor Dave