Isaiah 25-28

The King Has Come

Isaiah, in Chapter 24, describes the end of the Great Tribulation and in our study today we read of our Lord setting up his Kingdom on Mt Zion. When Isaiah sees the Lord reigning as King he rejoices that the wrath has passed and Israel is bringing in the Most Holy completing their task given in Daniel 9:24. Jesus, the stone the builders rejected, has become the Chief Cornerstone.

The cornerstone is the first thing to be set in construction. Today we would drive a stake but the purpose is the same. From this corner stone everything regarding the building is established and referenced to. The location on the lot is set by this stone. The level of the foundation is also established. From this stone the walls are located and set in the proper place.

As we read through these chapters today we can see that the world is going to be radically changed for the better when our Lord takes His place on His throne. From Him will flow true justice and righteousness. His wisdom will far surpass the wisdom of Solomon. The enemy will be subdued and it will be a time of great peace and celebration.

When you think about it, isn’t that what we want? Deep down inside don’t we want peace, joy, and a sense of purpose? Don’t we want to be loved, valued, and appreciated? Are not these at the core of our worldly pursuits? All of these and more come from our Chief Cornerstone.

Isaiah is describing the Millennial Reign of our Lord which is found in Revelation 20. He has been given this vision to instill hope for the nation. There are difficult times ahead but one day the Lord will return and set up the perfect kingdom here on earth.  It will be a kingdom like the world has never seen before.

Israel is waiting for this kingdom to come, but there is no need to wait. In Luke 17 we read that the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom was coming. Jesus replied, “For indeed,, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21b NKJV

What we really need and want in life are not found in the things the world has to offer. They are only found in Christ Jesus. Is He your King and Chief Cornerstone? Is He the reference point for everything in your life?  If not, make Jesus your Chief Cornerstone today!

Pastor Dave