The Book of Ruth

 In the middle of the dark period of the Judges God is working through those who put their faith in Him.  The book of Ruth is an example of God’s willingness and desire to let His light shine through those who turn to Him even though the present circumstances in which they are living are bleak. 

Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that we walk (or live our lives) by faith and not by sight. We are to focus on God and His promises to us in the Bible and to learn from the examples we see in the Bible so that we might put our faith in Him rather than being driven from one event to another by our circumstances. 

Satan would have us walk by sight and not by faith in God and so he is always putting before us one of several circumstances to capture our attention.  He uses many different things to trip us up but they fall into three categories.  One, is difficult situations similar to the one that drove Elimelech and Namoi to Moab which was famine.  The temptation to leave turned out to be a trap that promised relief but only brought more hardship and pain.

Satan also promises wealth, and a third one is pride or power.  These are the tools he uses to keep us from walking by faith in God.  He places them as bait on the trap right before our eyes.*

He knows that if he can keep us distracted we will be unable to overcome him because he is only overcome by faith.  (1 John 5:3&4)

The reality is that the environment or the circumstance that captures our attention will most likely change.  What was so important will be replaced with something that seems new and promises hope but in reality it is just Satan changing the bait on the trap. In the end it will all pass away and likely be forgotten.  The only lasting value that could be obtained is the knowledge and understanding that could be gleaned from the experience.

What does last is that which is done for the Lord.  Hence, we have before us, the book of Ruth and we will see that what was done by faith will last on into eternity.  (See Matthew 1:5)

Pastor Chuck used to say that we have only one life that will soon pass, only what is done for Christ will last.  This will truly become evident in the book of Ruth.

 May the Lord bless and guide.

Pastor Dave

* In our study of Mark 14:27 where Jesus told the disciples, You will all fall away NIV, or be offended in the KJ, the Greek word translated offended or fall means the place on the trap where the bait was put.