Proverbs 14.8

The Wisdom of the sensible is to understand his ways, But the foolishness of a fool is deceit. NASB

Chapter 14 deals with the consequences of our actions resulting from decisions we have made. These consequences can be good or bad. Sensible in the NASB is prudent in the KJ. The goal is to make wise decisions and act prudently.

A fool may take an action that ends up with painful consequences and say he did not think, let alone, think what the consequences might be. However, even if he says he did not think, he made a decision to go ahead without thinking through what the consequences might be. Quick decisions are often impulsive decisions. One can make an impulsive decision and hope for a good outcome but, in this case, hope really isn’t a strategy. Seeking to understand the possible outcomes of a decision is.

Chapter 14 has many verses that show the consequences of decisions made based on foolishness or understanding. Perhaps the first decision is to know one’s strengths and weaknesses and decide to make decisions based on the counsel of God’s Word and wisdom.