Psalm 118

The Lord Returns

 I have always viewed this Psalm from the perspective of our Lord Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the donkey with people lining the road cheering and praising Him saying, “Blessed it the one who comes in the  name of the Lord.” Verse 26 NASB

 Today I want to look at this Psalm in light of Isaiah 24 and 25 where we read of Israel rejoicing as they bring in King Jesus at the end of the Great Tribulation. The audio teaching for Isaiah 24 and 25 is located in the Media section of this website.

 The Psalm rightfully begins with praise and thanksgiving to God for who He is and what He has done in verses 1-4. Those who have survived the Great Tribulation and put their faith in God, certainly have reason to rejoice.

 In Verses 5-9 we see that during the Great Tribulation Israel is finally broken from trusting everything but God and they describe their cry to God and their repentance. They had run from God to the ends of the earth and as the earth and everything they trusted in crumbles around them they found God’s love for them remained steadfast.

 Though they sought in their own strength to live in peace, they found that the nations they trusted in were really their enemies and downfall in verses 10-14.  Babylon brought political and religious corruption. Assyria brought antagonism as they trusted in them only to be betrayed. Philistia brought constant hostility. Moab deceived them into sin and harm. Syria brought apostasy to the ten tribes of Israel. Edom was godless and self-reliant. Tyre represented the deception and corruption associated with wealth and commercialism. Jerusalem had a form of godliness but relied on the world’s ways. Throughout history since Israel called God to bring the law of God to the world they have been the enemy of the world that is following the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

 In verses 15-18 there is rejoicing that the enemies have been defeated and the discipline of the Father has accomplished His purpose. Repentance of the righteous is the result and the devastation and hopelessness of the Great Tribulation has been replaced with a commitment to the Lord and a newfound hope.

 At the end of the Great Tribulation the world will be in ruin. All that man has built and accomplished by the spirit and power of the Anti-Christ will be rubble. In verses 22-29 the rebuilding process begins but this time Jesus who was rejected as king when he came into Jerusalem last time will be the foundation cornerstone on which the whole world and the lives of its people are built. Everything will stem from Him and for the first time since the Fall of Mankind the world will be in perfect order and peace.

 I can’t wait. Praise the Lord!!!

Pastor Dave