David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17-18 & Psalm 23

 Today we read the familiar story of David and Goliath. Goliath was the Philistine giant that challenged the Israelites to come and fight him. However, the Israelite army was afraid of him and would not go out to battle. David heard Goliath’s challenge and ended up fighting the giant and was victorious over him. Although David had been in the king’s court playing a harp to calm the king down when an evil spirit came over Saul, the king did not know who David was. Also, the king did not know that David had been anointed by Samuel to be king in place of Saul. Saul seeks to find out who this giant killer was and David is taken into the Israelite army from that point on. Goliath will not be the last giant David will face. Soon Saul’s fear and jealousy will be the enemy but there will be other “giant” problems for David to deal with as well.

 We have now completed three months or 25 % of our reading through the Bible in a year. Today we are reading from two books in the Bible, 1 Samuel and Psalms. This will be the case for quite a while. David has been anointed as king but it is going to be a long hard journey from being anointed king to becoming king. David is going to face many giant problems that will come from many enemies. As he goes through them he will record his feelings and experiences in the Psalms so the Psalms will become regular reading along with the books of Samuel. David will have successes and failures. He will make costly mistakes but as we journey with him in both books we will see his trust in God grow and we can learn much from what he went through.

 For now David has victory in Chapter 18 but by Chapter 19 he has a new enemy. One he did not expect. God is faithful to be with him and guide him which leads us to Psalm 23. We would do well to read and meditate on this Psalm. David learned that God was with him as he faced his new giants. From this Psalm we learn that God is with us as we face our giants.

 Pastor Dave