Joshua 5

Prayer Guide

 Here is a short outline from our reading today to consider as a guide for prayer.  It came from the Book of Joshua Chapter 5.  The new generations of people are ready to enter into the Promised Land but there were some things that needed to be done first.

 Verses 2-7.  They were to make flint knives for themselves.  They were to make weapons.  However the first cut was to be on themselves.  They were to cut away the flesh that was hidden in the secret and sensitive area of their lives.  Before there can be revival there must be repentance.

 Verses 8-12.  When God delivered the people from slavery in Egypt they no longer ate the food of slaves.  God replaced the food of slaves with the food of nomads but he did not plan for them to be nomads forever but to feast on the milk and honey in the Promised Land.  This food is like the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to empower them for the task at hand.  When they ate of the produce of the Promised Land the manna stopped.  They were still dependent on the Lord’s provision but they were not to depend on nor cling to what He provided in the past but what He was blessing them with now. Be careful about clinging to the past. Traditions became a real stumbling block to the Pharisees and blinded them to who Jesus was and what God was doing.

 Verses 13-15.  When the commander of the Lord’s army (Jesus) came on the scene there had to be a change in thinking.  It was not who He was for or against rather it was that He is the commander of the Lord’s army.  His army is under His command.  They (we) are to obey Him and follow His instructions.

We are to seek to hear His voice. We are to do what He tells us to do, not tell Him what we want Him to do.  As commander and King of kings we are under His authority. See Luke 17:20&21

 I was really blessed by this lesson in our reading today.  My Prayer is that you will be blessed as well.