Fall in and Line Up!



Today we start the book of Numbers. It’s taken two years but things are falling into place and God is getting the people ready to head to the Promised Land.  In Chapter 1 the people are gathered into tribes and counted. Each tribe will camp together and be assigned a certain place where they will camp and also a place in line when the camp moves. The Levites are not included in this count but will be gathered into clans. Each clan will camp around the Tabernacle and has a specific task regarding the care and transport of the tabernacle.

 I want to encourage you to look for a good image on the internet that shows the arrangement of the tribes of Israel around the Tabernacle and print it or make a copy of it to keep with your Bible as we will see this arrangement in future studies. The image should show the Tabernacle in the middle. Next to the Tabernacle should be the 4 clans of Levites arranged one on each side of the Tabernacle. Next to the clans should show the twelve tribes of Israel arranged three tribes on each side as the Lord directed.  So, there should be three tribes on the east side, three on the west side, and so on for the north and the south.

 Now from each group of three tribes one will be appointed as a lead tribe and they will have a standard or flag. Most images I have seen do not include the standards so I recommend that you draw a flag by the lead tribe and make a note the image that is on the flag. Here they are.


Judah’s standard is a Lion.

Reuben’s standard is a Man.

Ephraim’s standard is a Calf.

Dan’s is an Eagle.

 Our completed image shows us that God is in the midst of His people. It shows the priesthood which stands in the gap between God and man. Then it shows the priesthood representing God to His servants who are bringing the Word of God to the world. Beyond the twelve tribes is the world. So, one can get a great understanding of God and how to relate to man by simply climbing up a hill and looking at this camp. Later we will look at the arrangement of the tribes when God set out for the Promised Land. Truly, in God we live and move and have our very existence. Acts 17:28

 May God Bless

Pastor Dave