Genesis 40-42

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done

 From our perspective it is hard for us to understand why Joseph had to go through all that he went through. It seems like every one was against him and he could not catch a break, yet if we look closely we will see God’s hand guiding him as he goes through each of these trials. More importantly, God’s light is shining through the character of Joseph and His light is getting brighter and brighter as Joseph continues to trust God.

God has a plan and His plan is like a diamond with many facets.  God has a plan for Joseph, a plan that the world will resist as we have seen. God is working to make Joseph strong enough to carry out His plan.  It doesn’t seem fair to us but it is a pattern that repeats in the Bible so by faith we must accept this process as necessary.

 God also has a plan for Egypt and is going to use Egypt as part of His greater plan of raising up a nation to bring His Word to an evil and lawless world characterized by might is right, the powerful can do what they want, and so on.

 God has a plan for the family of Jacob to be that nation but they are nowhere ready for the task and they are hardly a nation yet, but they will be.

 So today and in the days ahead we are going to see all these different plans come together so that God’s ultimate plan; Thy Kingdom Come, will be accomplished.

 What’s our part in God’s plan?  Start here. Thy will be done.

 Shine His light!

Pastor Dave