Genesis 26

The Oral Law

 In Chapter 26 we read of a famine in the land where Isaac is living and this famine is similar to the one that occurred when Abraham went to Egypt.  God appears to Isaac and warns him not to go to Egypt but to stay in the Land and the Lord will tell him where to stay.  God also confirms the covenant He made with Abraham and passes it on to Isaac. God tells Isaac this is because Abraham obeyed God and kept God’s commandments and laws. So Isaac remains in the Land but repeats Abraham’s actions recorded in Chapter 20. It would seem, like father, like son.

 The Oral law is passed down from generation to generation through storytelling, observation, and instruction. The storytelling may be interesting, entertaining or even exciting but for it to be instructional it would be wise if one would ask, “How did that work out?”

 We all have some form of oral law being passed on to us.  Perhaps more so with all the media that is available now.  Fortunately we also have God’s commandments and laws recorded in the Bible.  Wisdom would dictate that we compare the “oral law” we are hearing or observing with the Word of God recorded in the Bible. We need to sift out that which makes for a good story but is contrary to God’s Word and plan for our lives. If we don’t we may find ourselves living our life according to the Book of Balonians or 1& 2 Opinion’s.  Wherever these lead us can’t be good!

 God loves you and has a plan for you. Use the Bible as the map for your journey and the standard to live by as you follow our Lord.

 Pastor Dave