2nd Street


In the town where I grew up the steepest hill was 2nd Street. At the bottom of the hill was a stop sign, but on the other side was the beach.  The only way to get to the beach was to climb the hill.

 Leviticus is a lot like 2nd street.  It is a hard book to get past.  In fact most people  who quit their plan to read through the Bible give up at Leviticus.  Don’t let that happen to you. Here are some things that will help.

 Treat this book as a mystery.  Remember that the book was written to a world that was largely illiterate. Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers are word pictures meant to teach us spiritual principles of how to approach and relate to God, using physical things that people are familiar with and understand.

 In the book of Exodus God gave the construction details of the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle is a physical picture of how man on Earth may approach God in Heaven.  From the world mankind may start their journey at the entrance, but there was only one entrance.  From there was the altar, the laver, and then the tent of the meeting. On the outside the tent looked like any other tent but on the inside there were angels embroidered on the walls.  The Most Holy Place was where God dwells.  It is no accident that when the Apostle Paul says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that the Greek word he used for temple means Most Holy Place.

 Everything used in the construction of the Tabernacle, every piece of furniture and every item of clothing for the priest, is meant to give us understanding as to how we are to approach God spiritually.

 In the book of Leviticus we begin with our approach to God at the Altar.  This is the beginning of our commitment to communion with God.  Following that comes cleansing and change.  We call that sanctification, being set apart for God and His plan.  In the book of Exodus the people said that God would be their God and they would be His people. Leviticus shows us the process of becoming God’s people.

Rich or poor, common man or priest, all must go through the process.

 So, whether we have to deal with the everyday issues of life, an infectious sin or addiction (Leprosy), or a moldy heart, or cultural habits that are not pleasing to God, our High Priest is going to expose and deal with them so that ultimately our communion with the Lord will be a fragrant offering pleasing to Him.

 As a kid if I wanted to get to the beach I had to walk up 2nd street. Now I realize that the walk and the incline made me stronger and with increased strength I could enjoy surfing more, but to surf at all I had to make the climb. When I think of climbing 2nd street I can’t help but remember a song we used to sing when I taught Sunday School. Here are the words.


Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain

Written by: Unknown, Copyright: Unknown

Climb, climb up sunshine mountain
Heavenly breezes blow;
Climb, climb up sunshine mountain
Faces all aglow.
Turn, turn from sin and doubting,
Look to God on high,
Climb, climb up sunshine mountain
You and I.

 Leviticus will make you stronger and your new understanding will bless you as you continue to study God’s Word so press on, we are on a journey to glory!

 May God bless your journey through His Word!

Pastor Dave