Matthew 7-10

The Talk and Walk of a Disciple Part 2

In Chapter 7 Jesus continues contrasting the teaching and actions of the religious rulers at the time with the true teaching and actions desired by God. He begins with the subject of judging and gives several illustrations that show that by observing their actions, and in the chapters that follow, their reactions to what Jesus was teaching and doing would reveal what was really hidden in their heart.

In this chapter Jesus makes it clear what is important for a true disciple to do before they express their judgements. In verses 7-11 a true disciple prays and seeks direction from God. The sources of wisdom are endless. A true disciple must be aware of that and filter out all that is false. People’s counsel and actions are based on what they believe. Most are happy to share what they believe but this is the broad path which is wide enough to include outright deception.  Verses 13-23

Again, Jesus uses an illustration of a fruit tree to make the point as He did with salt in Chapter 5.

Fruit trees bear fruit. That is what fruit trees do. I have been a farmer long enough to know that if you want good fruit you have to pay attention to the care of the tree. Poor fertility, PH out of balance, lack of water, weeds, and poor soil can affect the quality (and the quantity) of the fruit. As a farmer I am responsible for providing the things the tree or plant needs to produce a good harvest.

People are like fruit trees. We are going to share with others what we know and have learned. A true disciple must take in the things of God that he has learned from the Word of God if he is going to bear good fruit for God. A disciple, who shares wisdom and counsel from the world instead of wisdom from God in any given situation, may well be producing poor quality fruit.

Now, remember that Jesus is the Word. John 1. What He teaches as well as what we see him do is important for two reasons. In Chapters 8 and 9 we are going to see Him encounter different situations. We will read His wisdom and counsel but we will also observe these as well. In Chapter 10 Jesus is going to send the disciples out to produce fruit applying what they have learned from Him. He gives them the authority to do the same miracles they have observed Him do. He also gave them specific instructions and sent them out to produce fruit. In the process, their faith in Him will be tested and proved just as His was back in Chapter 4.

In this case what Jesus taught in Chapter 7:24-27 is going to be important.

Pastor Dave