We are shifting now to the aftermath of the destruction of Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar had invaded Jerusalem twice before and appointed Zedekiah as King to govern the area and pay tribute to Babylon. Through Jeremiah God warned Zedekiah to be loyal to Babylon and He would not allow the city to be destroyed. The people would not listen and the political pressure was great so the rebellion continued until the nation of Judah, the city of Jerusalem, and the temple were destroyed.

God warned the nation again and again through the prophets He sent, not to listen to the false prophets or trust that they would be delivered by an alliance with Egypt.  As the leaders were seeking a way to stop the impending invasion by political means the people had more of a flippant, eat, drink, and be merry attitude. The problem was once the siege started the food and water ran out.

We are told in verse 9 of Chapter 1 that they did not consider their future. Pride and trusting in a false security caused them to live in denial. But now reality has set in and they are finding that not listening to the Lord and not giving thought to the future has devastating consequences. Instead of eating and drinking they are searching for food and willing to pay a high price to get it. Their spiritual failure has led to hunger, poverty, and oppression.

Judgment begins with the house of the Lord. What has happened to the city is to be taken as a warning to those who pass by. Starting in verse 12 Jeremiah speaks to those observing what has happened as if the city was speaking to them directly. Sadly, the people passing by didn’t understand what they were observing as we read in Chapter 2:15&16. They failed to understand that sin and rebellion against God will be judged.

One day those who do not understand and who follow the path that Judah took will be faced with their own “Day of the Lord.”  Instead of the casual and flippant eat, drink, and be merry, it’s all good attitude, they will be running and hiding from the wrath of the Lamb. Revelation 6:12-17.

May the aftermath of the fall of Jerusalem serve as warning to us that we need to be serious about our relationship and trust in the Lord.

Pastor Dave