Isaiah 55-57


Good News! In Chapter 55 God is proclaiming to the entire world His offer of redemption and salvation. The only requirement given in order to receive this offer is to be thirsty and to come and drink. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” Matthew 5:6 NASB

 I am challenged by this. I have several loved ones and friends that I am praying for to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am asking the Lord to give them a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Starting in verse 9 of Chapter 56 and on through Chapter 57, we read of the people of the world who are “caught up” in the world’s ways. Even though the world is churning from wickedness they seem to be just fine with what the world has to offer. This is the world’s present situation and it will continue to get worse during the Great Tribulation. Their hunger for the world will blind them to the Church being “caught up” to the Lord at the beginning of the Tribulation and blind to the righteous who will perish during the Tribulation. Verse 2 tells us the righteous will enter into peace. There will be no peace for the wicked verse 21 tells us.

God’s plan for the nation of Israel was for them to live the Law He gave them in the sight of the other nations. This would be their witness to the other nations. If Israel followed the Law, God promised to bless them so much that the other nations would want what Israel had and turn to Him. His desire was that because of God’s love expressed to Israel and their witness to the world, the other nations would hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Of course, if Israel did not stay faithful to their commitment to the Lord, God would discipline them in the sight of the other nations and that would be a witness as well. That is where we are in our reading. The nations of Israel and Judah have been disciplined but God is extending His love to them. Love is a better motivator than fear.

God’s plan is spoken of in the latter half of Chapter 55. Truly those who hunger and thirst will be satisfied. God’s thoughts and plan are contained in His Word and His Word is true.

As I said earlier, I am challenged to pray that the lost will hunger and thirst for righteousness. In Chapter 56 God issues a challenge to each believer. It is one thing to pray for it. It is another thing to proclaim the gospel. But, we had better be living it. Your life, my life, may well be the only Bible a non-believer reads. It is no accident that in Chapter 56 God speaks of His Word flowing to the world like rain and snow from heaven watering the earth so that the seeds sprout and bear fruit. What springs forth from God’s Word is described in verses 12-13 and in the very next verse God tells us to preserve justice and righteousness. As the world grows darker and wicked, the brighter the light of our witness will shine if we stay the course and do not get derailed by the world.  Let God’s Word water your witness to others.

Here are some verses for further study.

Matthew 5:11-16; John 4:1-42, 7:37-44; 1 Corinthians 10

Are we living our life in such a way that those around us want what we have?

Pastor Dave