Ecclesiastes 12

The Conclusion

Solomon has followed his heart and has done everything his heart desired only to find everything fell short of his expectations. He gives his conclusion of the search in verses 13&14 of Chapter 12. In short, the wisdom he found in his search is to fear the Lord and heed His warnings. God is God and we, including Solomon, are not.

The world today tells us to follow our heart. The Bible tells us that our heart is deceitful and sick in Jeremiah 17:9. In verse 10 we find that God searches the heart and mind and gives man according to the fruit of his deeds. Solomon produced fruit that had no lasting value. We can choose this course in life but God is going to see to it that we will not find lasting fulfillment if we follow our heart. The emptiness Solomon was experiencing was a warning from God. He understood that if he persisted in following his heart rather than God he will have to give an account to God one day. Ecclesiastes 11:9 and 12:14.

The problem with following our heart is found in the example of Judah in Jeremiah 17:1&2. As they continued to follow their heart they were developing a habit of sinning, the results of which are described in verses 3&4.

When we find ourselves following our heart to our harm there is never a bad time to stop and turn around. It is clear that before the final judgment God gives plenty of warnings. But if we are wise we will avoid the painful path in the first place. In Jeremiah 17:5-8 God sets before us two paths in life that we can take. One path is blessed and the other is cursed. We have free will regarding which one we will take, but be sure of this, they both have a fixed destination and only a fool thinks he can change where the path he chose leads.

As you might have guessed, Jeremiah 17 is our homework for today. I also recommend doing a Google search of Bible verses that speak of the fear of the Lord. Respect (fear) for the Lord must be in place if we are to listen to what He has to say.

 Be blessed!

Pastor Dave