Psalm 6


 We like to think we are strong but in reality our weakness is ever before us.  This Psalm speaks of the battle that goes on within us where our thoughts become our enemies. David finds the battle rages through the night robbing of sleep not to mention peace.  There is no relief until he turns to the Lord for the strength he needs to fight the battle.  (Verses 8-10)

 We all face times like this.  I find they usually come when I am thinking I am alone and everything depends on me.   Once I have been isolated with this thinking the enemy comes in like a flood.  Suddenly I can’t sleep and my energy is gone, but like David, I find relief and strength when I turn to God in prayer and praise.  God will provide the strength in the battle and He reminds me that He will never leave me nor forsake me, I have just wandered off on my own and need to get back to God.

 What God did for David in this Psalm God will do for us if we will seek Him.

 Grace and Peace

Pastor Dave