1 Samuel 26&27

 Patterns Repeat

Today we read  that the Ziphites again tell King Saul that David is in their area and Saul marches out with 3000 men. David sends out spies to find out where Saul is and finds the place where Saul is camped for the night. David sneaks into the camp while everyone is sleeping and takes Saul’s spear and water bottle and then calls to Saul when he is a safe distance away and tells Saul what he has done and that he has spared Saul’s life. Saul says he has sinned and acted a fool and departs the area. What is missing from this story and from the incident in Chapter 25 is any mention of David inquiring of God. In Chapter 27:1 we see why. David is listening to self-talk.

 Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” NASB

David’s heart is getting sick. Samuel had anointed David as king but Samuel died a while back. He is in the wilderness running from Saul, trying to provide for the men with him, and he had been betrayed by his countrymen again eventhough he has been trying to do the right things. It seems like nothing is changing and maybe becoming king is just an old dream that is not going to happen, eventhough Abigail reminded him of God’s plan. But that was in Chapter 25.We’re in Chapter 27 now and the fact is that David was out numbered 5-1 by Saul’s army. He is in the wilderness and has been there for a long time; there is no tree of life in sight. David thinks he needs to act and so he does. He goes back to an old familiar pattern that didn’t work last time but maybe it will work this time. David seeks refuge with the enemy and gets a city to live in with his men. But when you dance with the devil (or in this case the enemy) there is a price to pay. David has to deceive and lie to survive, another old pattern. He is practicing the worldly wisdom that says the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  That sounds like wisdom but it is not always the case and usually has unseen consequences. Funny thing about worldly wisdom, it is often a one liner that gives us permission to act without thinking things through.

 The consequences of David’s choice to follow his self-talk will take a couple more chapters to work out. But as we observe what David will go through there are some lessons for us to learn. God’s plan is not like the plans of man. Man’s plans may or may not happen. God will see His plan through. God is always working and eventhough David doesn’t see a tree of life in the wilderness that does not mean God cut it down. In fact it is alive and well in the book of Proverbs and worth searching Proverbs 3:13-18, 11:30, 13:12,& 15:4 to see where the tree of life might be found and under what conditions. It won’t be in self-talk. If we will look closely, though unseen, we will see God working on David’s behalf.*

 Ultimately we must trust God and live by faith. God is training us and working to make our faith stronger in the trials and difficulties we go through. The training and the time table are up to Him. One day David will be king but right now he doesn’t hold out much hope of that happening soon if ever, so he is taking matters into his own hands which leads him to repeat an old set of patterns.

 We would be wise to take a look at our behavior and see if we are resorting to old patterns that didn’t work when times of trials and difficulties arise.

Pastor Dave

 * King Saul also repeats old patterns. He seems to not eat or allow his army to eat when he is stressed. We will see this pattern repeat in our study tomorrow, but could that be the reason he and his army were all so tired that David was able to sneak in unnoticed and take Saul’s spear and water bottle?

In our study tomorrow David will try to implement his plan. We will see God overrule David’s plan and bring him closer to God’s goal for him.