Choose Your Path

Psalms 52, 109, 140

 Saul has turned against David and he is running for his life. His wife has lied about David threatening to kill her so her father, King Saul, is even angrier. David runs first to Samuel and then to the priest. Here he lies about why he is there and what he is doing. When Saul finds out he has all the priests  killed and destroys the city.

 Lying is usually a result of fear. Along with fear there is often a sense of urgency associated with lying. Lying may seem to work in the short term but it always makes matters worse. We read in Chapter 22 that David’s family also feeling threatened by Saul join him on the run.  

 Often times when we make quick decisions on our own we live to regret them, and that was the case with David.  We don’t know if David wrote these Psalms in the cave or sometime later, but David realizes that resorting to lying put him on the wrong path. What we do know is there is a turning point in 1 Samuel 22:5 when David starts to listen to God speak through the prophet Gad rather than his own wisdom.  As David prays and seeks God he listens and thinks through these events. He could act and seek revenge or he could hand the situation over to God. He also learns wisdom about how the core values of belief direct the actions and future of people based on what they believe. Psalm 109:17 &18 is a good example of this. There is more for us to observe and learn so our study today is Psalms 52, 109, and 140.

 Be transformed as you study God’s Word

Pastor Dave