Psalms 147-149

Praise the Lord!

These Psalms are three of a series of five Psalms that begin and end with Praise the Lord.  The people had been back in Jerusalem for quite some time and the Temple had been rebuilt, yet the people were living in great distress and reproach because the wall of the city had been broken down.  Nehemiah arrived and inspired the people to begin work on rebuilding the wall. These Psalms serve as a dedication to the rebuilding of the wall.

Psalm 147 begins with the recognition that it is the Lord who is rebuilding Jerusalem and gathers the people. God had said through the Prophets He sent, that one day the people would return to Jerusalem and the city would be rebuilt. God’s Word is true and He will keep His promises as He has done throughout history.  Praise the Lord for His Word is true! Joshua 21:43-45.

As the people realize God’s Word is truth the natural response is to recognize who God is and worship Him.  In this they are naturally being set apart from the world by believing what God has said. This is called sanctification. The wall and its gates give us a picture of sanctification. Jesus prayed that God would sanctify those who would follow Him in John 17:17. To be sanctified is to be set apart from the world in faith and belief.

Psalm 148 recognizes that God created all things and sustains all He has created. Our natural response to understanding this is to praise the Lord. Just as God planned all He created, God has a plan for Israel, Jerusalem, and the Church. God wants to work through His people but two things must be in place. Psalm 147:11 tells us we must fear or trust the Lord and be directed by Him therefore we must believe in Him and His Word. We must put our faith in Him. Hebrews 11:1, 3, &6

This brings us to Psalm 149.  All that God has created was created to Praise the Lord and reflect His glory. We dare not separate creation from God as evolution attempts to do. Nor should we attempt to blend evolution and creation with man’s wisdom. Whether a person believes in creation or evolution what they believe must be taken by faith.  In creation and belief in God there is hope of life after death and a heaven. There is no hope of life after death in evolution, nor is there any reason or purpose for the existence of life. For those who believe in God, His plan, and creation, there is meaning and purpose for life as is shown in Psalm 149. We are to praise the Lord and spread God’s Word to a world that is hungry for justice, righteousness, and hope. Hebrews 4:12; 2 Corinthians 10:1-11

God has a plan for you and me. May our response be Praise the Lord!

Pastor Dave