The Perfect Sacrifice

Numbers 28&29

 As we read these chapters we might wonder, didn’t we read about the sacrifices before? The answer to this question is yes, but we now have a new group of people some of whom are hearing this for the first time. The first generation of people who were led out of Egypt that were 20 years of age or older have now all died in the wilderness as God said would happen back in Numbers 14:22&23. A second census has been taken of the people who were 19 and under when they left Egypt and those born on the way and so these people are now hearing the law, perhaps many of them for the first time.

 These two chapters go into great detail about the various sacrifices. We might be tempted to jump over them but I am reminded of one sacrifice that was for us. We must never lose sight of or take for granted the price that was paid for our sin so that we can be saved and set free.

 The people were to offer sacrifices morning and evening each day. They were to offer sacrifices on the Sabbath, sacrifices at the beginning of each month, and on the Feast days. They were to make offerings for commitment to God. They were to bring offerings of thanksgiving for God’s provision both spiritual and physical. They were to make offerings for sin and guilt.

By these offerings the people were relating to God as He instructed and God had the future work of Christ on the cross in view. As we consider the sacrifices in these chapters how much more should we keep the sacrifice of Christ in view as we look back on that day when He paid for our sins? We cannot offer the sacrifices listed in these chapters, because Jesus fulfills them with His sacrifice, but we are to relate to God daily in our Bible study and prayer. Many Christians are free to relate to God weekly as they attend church, Bible studies, and participate in various ministries, holidays that honor God, and encourage other believers. However, in some areas of the world Christians are unable to do these and must find other ways to worship the Lord.

 We must remember that Jesus was the Lamb of God who took our sin upon Himself that we might have life and hope. God gave His Son. We are to give Him glory, honor, praise, and thanksgiving for He is worthy of this and so much more.

 How healthy is your relationship with God?

Pastor Dave

 Here are some verses for further study.

Luke 19:10; Philippians 2:1-18 Hebrews 4:14-16; 6:19&20; 10:19-25; 12:1-3