Are You a Good Person?

Numbers 27

Some people, when asked if they believe in God or Jesus will answer, no, but claim to be a good person. They believe they do good and treat people right. God, if He does exist, would give them a pass for any mistakes they have made.  In their minds the good outweighs the bad.

 In Chapter 27:12-14 we read that God told Moses to go up Mt. Abarim and look at the Promised Land that God was going to give the nation.  Moses would be allowed to see it but not allowed to go in because he did not believe God or treat God as holy. Moses struck the rock rather than speak to the rock to provide water for the nation back in Chapter 20.  

 Moses knows that God is perfectly just. He knows there is no free pass even with his 40 years of serving the Lord. That should qualify him as a good person but as James 2:10 says, if you break one of the laws you are guilty of breaking them all.

Jesus said if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by good works you have to be perfect in Matthew 5:20

 In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we enter not by works but by faith in God. We must accept the fact that we have broken the law and are guilty. God sent His son to pay for our breaking the Law by paying with His life on the cross.  Jesus died for our sins. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must accept all of this. We must accept that God is just and we are guilty. God has made a way that we might be forgiven and we must accept this way as the only way to be redeemed. We must take God at His word and put our faith in His word and the work Jesus has done on our behalf.  The person who says they are a good person has put their faith in their good works, not in God. That didn’t work for Moses and it is not going to work for them or anyone else.

 This is the importance of this lesson. God is making it clear that if Moses didn’t make it by his good works, there is no way we can make it by our works. However, I am convinced that Moses is a man of faith. He seems to accept God’s will and asks God to raise up a leader who will lead the people into the Promised Land. God has much more for Moses to do. He has to finish writing this book and write the next. There is a whole nation of people camped at the entrance to the Promised Land that need to hear the Law, and Moses is the man for the job. God didn’t change His mind so we wonder if Moses ever did get to the Promised Land.  Well, you will have to read Matthew 17 to find out.

 God is perfectly just, but He is also merciful and gracious. Romans 6:23 clearly demonstrates this and I encourage you to look up this verse and all the other verses mentioned in this study today.

 Not by works but by faith!

Pastor Dave