Genesis 10&11

Names, Names, What is in a Name?

Today is the second time this week we have come across a list of names. What should we do with these lists of names that most of us can’t even pronounce?

Well we can skim over them or just skip them.  Here is what I like to do. I look them up in a Bible dictionary.  If there are other verses where that person is mentioned, a good Bible dictionary will let us know, and we can learn more about that person from these references. Most of these names have a meaning and I have found that when I read the meaning, often a story begins to unfold before my eyes. If the Bible dictionary doesn’t have the meaning of the name or little information on that person, no worries, I just move on to the next name.  Many Bible dictionaries will help you learn how to pronounce the names as well if you are interested.

          Here are some name meanings from our study today.

          Nimrod means let us rebel. 10:8

          Peleg means division and from his father’s name, Eber, we get the word   Hebrew. 10:25

          Abram’s grandfather, Nahor’s,  name means snorting or snoring. 11:23

          My Dictionary doesn’t give me the meaning of Abram’s father Terah but it does point me to verses that say Terah was an idolater that migrated              toward   Canaan but stopped short of reaching his goal. 11:24-32

          Abram means high father , but later God will change his name to Abraham, which means, father of a multitude.

 I can see that in a largely illiterate culture and time that the meaning of names would be very helpful in education. But, when God changes a name that tells me that He has a plan for this world and He is in control of that plan. The Bible also tells me that He has a plan for you and me.

Here are some other verses to consider. 1 Chronicles 4:9&10 and Ephesians 2:10.

May God Bless and Guide

Pastor Dave