The Main Thing

Colossians is one of my favorite books to read and quote. There is much to glean from Paul’s instructions in this book. Paul did not start the Colossian church. Epaphras was from the church and was with Paul in Rome. Paul wanted to make sure the church was established on the Gospel. He was also concerned about false teachers coming in and misleading the people with legalism. Colossae was located in Asia, the same place where the Jews came from that brought accusations against Paul. The accusations started a riot that led to his arrest and ultimately, his ending up in a Roman prison. By Chapter 1 verse 27, after hearing about the church, and that the gospel was spreading in Asia, Paul said he was rejoicing in his sufferings.

Paul was warning the people not to listen to the false teachers. It was important that they keep the main thing the main thing. The same is true for us. In Chapter 1 Paul begins by telling us who God is and what He has done for us. In Chapter 2 Paul warns of false teaching. Chapters 3&4 contain a wealth of instruction on what our response to God’s grace and goodness is to be. Verses 1&2, of Chapter 3, are a couple of my favorite verses which are also the essential starting point in our walk with the Lord.

When I was self-employed I used to attend a weekly Christian Business Men’s Bible study. The leader often used Colossians 3:17 for how to conduct ourselves and our businesses.  We may find ourselves in different places and situations in life, but all Christians are God’s ambassadors and a missionary to the people around us. This verse reminds me that I have a higher calling. Even when I have worked as an employee I applied this verse. I considered the company's customers as if they were my customers. I may not have been a verbal witness to them but my goal was to glorify God in how I treated the customers, my co-workers, and employer. How much I was paid did not matter either. My attitude was that no matter who signed the check God provided the income. All of this was based on Colossians 3:17 and the principles I learned in the Bible study.  I want to urge you to see your occupation or station in life as your call to represent God to the world around you. Paul warned of false teachers in Chapter 1. Let me give this warning. One of the greatest dangers we face today is leaving our faith at the door of the church when we leave after the service. Don’t be intimidated by fear.

I wasn’t always a pastor and I am not an extrovert. In fact being a pastor wasn’t even close to being on the radar. I was just a guy that had a welding business who was going to a Bible study that taught the Bible. However, learning and doing are two different things. It takes faith to put the Word of God into action.  James 1:22

One of the most intimidating things I faced as a believer and even a pastor was praying out loud, especially for total strangers. I learned the hard way that being afraid to pray out loud for someone was robbing me of the blessings that result from being faithful to follow the leading of the Lord. One day at our produce stand I greeted a customer and ask how things were going. For her things were not going well. She had recently lost her husband. She was also suffering from cancer that had once been in remission. I felt the leading of the Lord to asked if I could pray for her. She said yes, and we both were blessed as I prayed. From that step of faith I have been offering to pray for people in need ever since. Every time I pray I am blessed and so are the people I pray for. I don’t try to impress. I try to be sincere in my prayer and obedient to my God.

In all the times I have asked if I could pray for someone I have only been turned down once and they quickly changed their mind. I learned that I am not responsible for the outcome but I am responsible to be obedient to the Lord. As I write this Luke 10:25-37 comes to mind.

Paul is our Bible study teacher. He is telling us what to do. Let’s step out in faith and do as He leads.

Pastor Dave