2 Chronicles 1-3


 As we begin 2 Chronicles we need to remember several things. King David, the man after God’s heart, has died and his son Solomon is now King. David wanted to build a temple for the Lord. At that time the Tabernacle was at Gibeon and the Ark of the Covenant was in Jerusalem. The construction of the Temple would bring the two together as God originally intended. Gibeon was one of the high places where the Canaanite people would go to worship their idols. The placement of the Tabernacle in Gibeon, as well as the Ark of the Covenant being separated from the Tabernacle, indicates that the nation has allowed their faith and belief in God to be corrupted by the ways of the world around them. In spite of this, God had remained faithful to them. 2 Timothy 2:11-13

As we read of the construction of the Temple we must also remember that at the time of this writing the Temple has been destroyed. Chronicles was written to be a reminder of the height from which the nation has fallen, but it is also a reminder that God has a plan for the nation and His plan will be accomplished. To get back on track is going to require a process. The first step in the process is remembering the plan. The second step is to take responsibility. The third step is to repent or turn around and get back on track.

Over the years I have dealt with people whose lives are crumbling just like the Temple because they have allowed some behavior to take control of their lives. Drugs and alcohol are the common problems but by no means the only problems. Anger and abuse are also at the top of the list. I don’t think that anyone really starts out in life with a goal to destroy their lives and relationships. But I do see a far too common attitude that keeps fueling these problems. There is not only an unwillingness to take responsibility for a person’s actions and words that led to where they have ended up, but they blame their situation on those they are estranged from. Sitting in the rubble of their life they tell themselves that the mess they are in is everyone else’s fault. They tell themselves a lie and then believe it. The purpose of remembering is to go back and take an honest look at what went wrong and to take responsibility for the part that one has played.

 There is a second reason to remember as well that is illustrated in this book. The nation needs to go back and remember the hope, the promise, and the plan of God for them. Although they might think God has rejected them, He has not. He is disciplining them, trying to get them to change their thinking in order for them to get in the place where they can be blessed. Sometimes it takes a long time to break the stubborn rebellion that cries about being miserable but wants to continue to do the things that led to the misery! In Israel’s case it is going to take 70 years of exile (time out) before there is a remnant willing to return to rebuild the Temple that was destroyed. They fell from great heights. God has a plan for them to rise again, but first they have to remember the plan!

Here are some verses for further study. Proverbs 24:16; Psalm 37:23-24, 146:8, 20:6-8, Proverbs 3:13-26, Micah 7:8

Stumbled and Fallen? Remember God loves you and has a plan!

Pastor Dave