1 Chronicles 24-26


Back in Chapter 21 we read that Satan rose up against Israel. We are not told what his accusation was but in all likelihood the people were proud of what “they” had accomplished as a nation even though it was God who delivered the nation from their enemies. David got swept up in the thinking and decided to count the men who could be drafted in the army if needed. In the case of both David and the nation they were not counting the fighting men so much, they were counting on the fighting men. This resulted in a plague that killed seventy thousand in Israel.

God sent Gad to confront David regarding his transgression. David took responsibility but realizes his transgression has harmed Israel and there is nothing he can do to fix the situation except turn to God and obey. God shows him a place where David is to build an altar and offer sacrifices to the Lord. This will be the future site of the Temple.

This point in time is a turning point in David’s life. Although God did not allow David to build the Temple, David realizes that the temple will be built and he is doing everything he can to help in the preparation of the Temple’s construction. Gone are the days when the Ark was put on a cart. David has learned the meaning of, “Thy will be done.”

As David put his house in order by being obedient to God’s will, he finds himself working on a project that is bigger than himself. The Ark in one city and the Tabernacle in another will not do. By putting the Ark in its proper place in God’s house this will bring order to the people of the nation as well.. This project will put in order where the people will go to worship God and how God is worshiped will bring order as well.

True faith in God results in change. Old ways and habits will be seen for what they are and deemed unnecessary and discarded. As we grow in faith we will naturally put off the old ways and put on the ways of God. Many of those old ways have caused harm to ourselves and others including loved ones. As we put off the old and put on the new God is putting our house in order.

The building of the Temple involved far more than constructing a building just as our becoming a Christian involves far more than going to church. As we see in our reading today God has a plan for the people who are involved in the Temple worship. There are levites, priests, musicians, gatekeepers, and overseers.

The same is true for the Church. When the Church is in order we are to help others to be healthy, growing and full of love. Ephesians 4:16

This is what we see David doing and will continue to do throughout the rest of this book.

God is a God of order. As God brings order to our lives we are able to serve and help bring order to the world around us.

Pastor Dave