Isaiah 19

In That Day

Five times in Chapter 19 we read the words “In that day.” These “days” describe five periods of history which begin with God’s judgment on Egypt and take us to Egypt and Assyria in the Millennial reign of Christ. Under Alexander the Great the language of Canaan was Greek. (The second “In that day.”) It was during this time that the Hebrew Bible was translated into the Greek language. The Bible was called the Hebrew Old Testament or Septuagint. The translation was done first in Alexandria, Egypt. The Word of God must go first before there can be an altar and a highway to worship the Lord.

As Assyria, and later Babylon, were invading Israel and Judah, the people fled to Egypt to avoid being captured and dispersed throughout the nations. Apparently those who fled to Egypt and the remnant that was taken and dispersed to the nations were used by God as a witness to the nations. God was using His people to invade the invader with His message.

We are called to spread the gospel. The best way to spread the gospel is to live the gospel in our day to day lives. We have a hope that has entered the throne room of our Lord in Heaven, Hebrews, 6:19&20. Do we live that hope in the sight of the people around us? Hebrews 6:19 says that hope is our anchor that holds us in place whether in troubled times or in good times. 

As we continue to study the end times prophesies, how we react to them will show where we have our hope. If we are bummed, thinking we are going to miss something in this world, it is likely our hope is in this world. If we are looking forward to the return of our Lord and His thousand year reign then our hope is in Him and His promise to us. The things we say and do will be a reflection of what we truly hope for and have put our faith in.

It is important that we study the prophesies in the Bible. We need to have a good understanding of prophesy and what is to come. When it comes to prophesy I cannot say it any better than Jesus did in Luke 21:28, “When these things begin to take place stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” NIV

Learn it. Live it. Proclaim it, and use words if necessary.

Pastor Dave