1 Kings 21&22, 2 Kings 1

Prophets and Prophesy

Today in our study we are introduced to Jehoshaphat King of Judah. When Ahab became King of Israel Jehoshaphat was co-reigning with his father Asa. Jehoshaphat is considered a godly king even though he hangs around Ahab. Both Ahab and Jehoshaphat have sons with the same name who will be kings of their respective nations. There are also two ways to spell their names which can make keeping track of them a little confusing. Their names are Jehoram , or Joram.

We can’t help but wonder what a godly king has in common with an ungodly one. The answer is simple. Jehoshaphat’s son is married to Ahab’s daughter who is just like her mother Jezebel.

Both Ahab and Jehoshaphat seem naïve when it comes to wisdom and leadership. This weakness gives the devil an advantage and the women are able to bring great harm to both nations by embracing idolatry and their evil schemes.  

In Chapter 22 we read that Ahab wants to go to war with Aram, (Syria) over an Israelite city, Ramoth –gilead, that is currently in possession of Aram. God sent a prophet in Chapter 22, who was willing to sacrifice his freedom to bring God’s message to the Kings. God is in control of the times and the seasons. Whether or not the prophet is believed does not change the message. It just shows who the fools are. Ramoth-gilead will go back and forth between Syria and Israel in the future like a soccer ball in a soccer match. God will continue to speak through prophets and His word is true. God has chosen to fight this and other spiritual battles with prophets and prophesy. We would be wise to listen and heed His word.  Ahab didn’t listen. He chose to put the prophet in prison. Ahab died in battle. Jehoshaphat, even though he asked for the prophet, didn’t listen to what he said. He went to battle anyway and nearly died as a result.

A huge portion of the Bible is prophesy. One in every four or five words is prophesy. Prophesy is God’s warning of what is to come. There are spiritual battles going on which we do not clearly see but God has warned us about them with prophesy. It is important that we take prophesy seriously. The history recorded in the books of Kings shows us what happens when prophesy is ignored or worse yet, a false prophet is believed because he says what we want to hear. To ignore prophesy is foolishness. Those who do so do it at their own peril.

What is your attitude toward prophesy? It is important that we listen to prophesy and not fight it like Ahab did.

Listen to the Word of God. You will be glad you did!

Pastor Dave