Proverbs 30:2

Surely I am more stupid than any man, And I do not have the understanding of a man. NASB

All that we know about, Agur, who wrote the verses in this chapter, is contained in verse 1. However, from a Bible dictionary, we find his name means “gathered.” In verse 3 he claims he has not learned wisdom nor has knowledge of the Holy One, yet in the verses that follow, he identifies patterns of different people and their behaviors.

One of the problems of youth is that we think we know more than we really do. Perhaps because we have been educated, or have access to the internet and social media we think we are smart. But try as we will there’s so much we haven’t been exposed to, and so much information that is considered wisdom but is not. This is where gaining wisdom from patterns of behavior is helpful. Actions often reveal the truth when words hide the truth.