Proverbs 23:7a

For as he thinks within himself so he is. NASB

Just as there are invisible forces in the laws of science, the laws of nature, and so on, there are invisible forces working in the heart of man. These forces are common to all people in all walks of life. We may be impressed by those who have achieved positions and power but we are told to consider carefully what is set before us, because those forces may be deception, selfishness, gluttony, or foolishness, to name a few listed in this chapter.

We must also be aware that there are invisible forces working inside us that make us weak and vulnerable. Envy is mentioned in verse 17. It is usually accompanied with an “act now” attitude which is meant to blind us to the long-term consequences suffered by those we are impressed with. If we consider their outcome we will find them to be shooting stars. Their momentary success may shine brightly but they will soon fade and disappear when the consequences come.

God’s wisdom is established and trustworthy. To apply it to our lives is an act of discipline on our part. Let verse 26 be your guide.