Proverbs 8:1

Doth not wisdom cry?.And understanding put forth her voice? KJV

Beginning in Chapter 8 there is a change that may go unnoticed. No longer is Solomon addressing his teaching on wisdom to his sons, it is wisdom who is speaking now.

As we go through this chapter it will become apparent that Jesus is speaking these words of wisdom. Bible scholars call this a Christophany

Jesus is the Word we are told in John 1. In verse 14 of John 1 we are told that …The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…NASB

It is clear as we continue reading Chapter 8 that Jesus is speaking. It is also clear that anyone; men, the sons of men, including the naïve, and fools can benefit from God’s wisdom. The key is to set our hearts on understanding.  The last word in Verse 5 translated as “wisdom” in the NASB and “heart” in the KJV is the same word “heart” that we studied in the Proverbs 6:6 devotion earlier. If we will set our heart on understanding wisdom our heart will become a storehouse for wisdom from which we may draw, apply wisdom, and act prudently.