Proverbs 3:4

So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man. NASB

Christians are God’s ambassadors to the world. How we conduct ourselves with others reflects, not only on us, but on God. If we are serious about our relationship with God we will care about how we represent Him in the world. Verse 3 describes the character God’s ambassador should have. Our actions must be guided by kindness and truth.

I have been self-employed much of my life. I have also worked for wages from time to time as well. During my employment years I came to the understanding that even though the company’s name was on my paycheck ultimately it was God who signed it. I may have been working for a company but as a Christian I was working for God and needed to do my best work.

The same was true in my self-employment years. In both cases I found that I had to approach work desiring to glorify God even when problems arose.

It is important to have the wisdom of verses 5 and 6 established in the heart so God can lead to the straight path that glorifies Him.