Proverbs 28:5

Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the Lord understand all things KJV

It is said that a leader is only as good as the people under him. Solomon’s son has reached the age where he can take on a leadership role in preparation for becoming king. He will have to build a team that will serve and support him. In order to put a good team together he must be able to identify those with good character qualities and those who have personal agendas that will hinder rather than help him reach his goals.

God’s ideal leader is that of a shepherd, not a lord who wants to lord it over those who are under him. Jesus is the good shepherd. John 10:11. The good shepherd lays down His personal agenda and does the will of His Father in heaven. Christians are to do the same. 1 Peter 5:1-4  

In Genesis 10:8-12 we read that Nimrod was a mighty hunter. He was the type of guy who made his success in the world at the expense of his victims. In fact, he built nations that would become enemies of Israel.

Psalm 23 shows us how a good shepherd leads.