Proverbs 7


For the goodman is not at home, he is gone a long Journey… Proverbs 7:19 KJV

The Hebrew word translated “Goodman” here is normally translated as “man” except in this case. Why is that?

Solomon is using words like adulteress or strange woman, and in this chapter, harlot to help us understand the seriousness of temptation. Temptation is dressed to appeal to our sin nature. Our enemy the devil knows our weakness. He knows what is going to catch our interest, or worse yet, appeal to our spiritual hunger.  It will be with these things he will bait his trap.

The Goodman represents a moral authority and in other translations is rendered “husband.” The appeal here is that her husband (read moral compass) is gone, no one will know, no one will care, everyone is doing it, and it’s not a big deal and we will all have fun. But it is a big deal!

There is an old saying. While the cat is away the mice will play. What Solomon is trying to get his children to understand is that even if the cat is away and the mice are out playing, the playground is riddled with mouse traps. Sadly, when we hear the snap of the trap what often follows is a scandal. Lives, family, and reputations suffer and plans and dreams at the beginning where life decisions were made, have now become a nightmare. Recovery will be hard if even possible.

So what are we to do? In verse 2 of Chapter 7, Solomon tells his son to keep his teaching as the apple of his eye. In other words, stay focused on and value Solomon’s teaching. I find that interesting because it was the appeal of the forbidden fruit that caused Eve, and soon after Adam, to fall into the serpent’s trap. In Genesis 3:6 we see the bait on the trap. In Genesis 3:16-19 we read of the lasting consequences.

It would be wise to read and learn from these and to keep our eye on the Apple.

Proverbs 25:11